As logistics operators we manage the flow of resources between the point of origin and the point of consumption. We consider the logistics process as successful just when it integrates not just the security of the bulk and the accuracy on matter of time of each operation but also to excel delivering the client all concerning documents and letting our clients to trace their cargoes in order to let them be able to analyze, visualize and optimize their imports and exports process.

We consider also our clients have various core businesses and have different kind of needs, we are aware our clients depend on our services to meet their lead times and deliver satisfaction to their clients, due this reason and in order to be able to comply with all the above explained standards per operation we assign a team project to handle specific shipments or specific clients.

Freight forwarding services
  • Time sensitive cargo
    We have a team special designated to handle time sensitive cargoes. Our team is available 24/7 and is specially trained to manage and face any difficulty as on all time sensitive projects.

  • Perishable goods
    We handle perishable goods as medicines, foodstuff or living plants; specially highlighting medicines. We have a designated team able to handle most complicated and/or prior operations as we understand the there is someone at the other point of the world depending on the correct handling of this operation.

  • Special projects (RORO and Break Bulk)
    Our project specialists have a wide experience handling over dimensioned cargo, self-propelled cargo or simple non containerized cargo which allows us the availability to arrange international transportation and logistics for these special projects.

Taking into consideration all logistics operations are based on having the cargo at the right time, on the right place at the lower cost, our regular freight forwarding services also reflect the compliance with these 3 basic foundations for a successful logistics operation assuring the cargo will arrive on time complying with our clients’ lead time. Our regular logistics services are:

Customs brokerage services

As mentioned previously we own a Customs Broker and we are directly linked with the maritime, air and courier Peruvian Customs Governmental Agency. We offer our services to the following customs regimes:

              - Final import

              - Final export

              - Temporary export

              - Customs transshipment

              - Bonded warehouse

              - Temporary import for improvement

              - Temporary import for same re-export on same condition

Trucking service

We have our own truck fleet and also strategic alliances to provide our clients a quality local transport service complying with all necessary standards for international commerce.

Additionally, we can offer our clients the alternative of security guard to reinforce the safety of the goods.

Our quality managed processes and procedures

In the pursuit of reinforce our process we have quality management systems certified by various quality management certifiers as BASC, ISO 14001, Occupational Health & Safety Governmental Program, MTC: Freight Forwarders and Trucking Company, DGAC: RAP 109 and SUNAD: Approved Customs Brokers.